The Genesis Revolution

A family dedicated to building you up! 


We enjoy helping you find
the skills and resources you need
to achieve your dreams


Everything we do is rooted in
cultivating a sense of wonder
for the world, business, learning and life


We are born to create!
We love to see ideas become reality
and dreams come to life

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Having worked for almost a decade in business from a start doing temp-labour to small business to owner-manager (and everything in between) our experience, skills and network can help you get your business running at a fraction of the price

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We are born to create! Our experience and contacts in creative arts will put you on the right track for investing in the creative side of your business or personal life. From music and writing to art and design we help you make things come to life

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Personal Growth

Everyone has an incredible amount of potential - We have experienced a lot in our own lives, and are more than happy to help with any areas in which you want to see yourself grow! From private tuition to budgeting and finance, get in touch to arrange a chat

Meet the Family

Company team


Founder and chief visionary, Logan is currently studying a Conjoint Bachelor's of Arts and Business at Massey University. His current education supplements his 7 years of business experience in which he has worn the hat of every department at one point or another.

Company team


Born to create, Nina has been involved in creative arts for the last 20 years! She has been awarded 3 Licentiate Diplomas for her work in classical singing performance and is a published author to boot! Her family keeps her busy, with a young one on the loose!